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Can You Exercise While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

May 9

Our lash extensions experts in Los Gatos answer: "Can I exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?"

This is just one of the most common concerns people have in mind before eyelash extensions application. The most important thing you'd like to avoid doing is to ruin them a few days after you have exercised using them. 

It is possible to do some light exercise when wearing extensions to your eyelashes for up to for 4 hours following the application. This is the optimal time to allow the adhesive to set completely. This means that it won't impact the retention of eyelashes. However, it's best to ask your beauty professional about the best drying time.

Can You Workout With Eyelash Extensions?

Anyone with extensions for their eyelashes can work out at home or in the gym. However, it is recommended that you checked that the glue for your eyelashes is completely dry. The typical time for curing is around 4 hours before you can begin exercising with eyelash extensions. Sometimes, however, it may take more than 24 hours. It is therefore helpful to inquire with the beauty professional about the time that the adhesive for lashes will begin to dry.

It can take anywhere from up to 24 hours for the eyelash extensions to attach to your natural lashes following the application. Thus, it prolongs the longevity of fake eyelashes while maintaining them clean and stopping excessive strain.

After 24 hours, the lash adhesive will complete the bonding between the lash and extensions with a successful result. This means that you will feel more comfortable and secure now. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to clean your false lashes following exercise or any other strenuous exercises.

How To Exercise While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

You've waited until your adhesive for lash extensions dried before you began working out, congratulations! But what after that? After that, you can go on with the normal routine. For instance, you could join a gym, or do yoga at your home. However, here are some guidelines to care for your lash extensions when you exercise.

It was the first rule of 24 hours.

The first step to safeguarding the extensions of your eyelashes is to make sure that they are secured. For the initial 24 hours following receiving extensions for your eyes, your cosmetic surgeon might advise you to stay clear of showering, contact with water, or washing your face.

Beware of things that could make your lashes wet. If you are a regular at the gym on a regular basis then you must rest for a day after your first 24-hour period to protect your eyelashes. If you're still looking to exercise take a yoga class or take just a short stroll from your home towards the nearby park.

The glue used to make extensions of lashes is very sensitive and requires the perfect environment to dry. This period is crucial for the adhesive to be set properly. The lash glue draws water from the air and then forms a solid during the curing process.

The time to dry decreases when exposed to excessive moisture. In the end, the adhesive bonds are weaker, resulting in less lash retention.

We can now link this healing process with your workout routine. Sweat is made up of salts, water, and oil. This is why sweating is inevitable when you exercise. However, if sweat comes into contact with the extensions while curing then the extensions will begin to fall out earlier.

In the end it's important to keep your extensions in the safest possible condition during the time they heal. In the event that curing gets stopped due to any reason, problems could arise in a short time. Use this simple trick to ensure that your desired extensions of lashes last for as long as they can.

Protect your lashes

Do not use oil-based creams or sunblocks prior to any exercise. The sweating process can cause these creams to drip across your brow and then into your mascara. Additionally, extensions can form a cluster due to the oil present in these creams and cause ineffective retention and loss of hair before it gets too long.

Instead, you should seal your lashes using an eyelash sealer for 30 minutes prior to your exercise. The sealer creates an insulator between the eyelash glue and sweat stopping the eyelash extensions in falling off.

Do not rub your eyes.

The tendency to sweat around the face is commonplace during workouts. It is a common practice of cleaning our face using a towel. If you are wearing lash extensions, rubbing them hard or too vigorously may cause them to tangle, and cause them to fall off.

Avoid saunas and hot tubs, or from yoga

Hot temperatures could cause weakening the adhesive for your lashes. The practice of showers or yoga could cause a decrease in the lifespan of the extensions on your eyes. If you love taking hot showers, you should turn down the temperature so that you do not get water on your extensions. You can also cleanse your face using cold water.

Daily cleaning

After your workout, apply an oil-free cleanser to get rid of the sweat and salt residue from your lashes do this each at night before going to going to bed to keep your eyelashes beautiful at their natural and healthy form.

But, when choosing the cleanser you choose, keep in mind that the ingredients are crucial to take into consideration. A cleanser that foams usually includes detergents that can cause dryness to your eyelashes. Be careful with the products you put in your eyes. It is best to speak to a doctor. They'll offer you the most relevant guidance.

It's not a good idea to skip the cleaning stage, no matter what kind of exercise you perform. If you don't wash your extensions using a lash extension cleansers and they'll fall out before you realize it. It is recommended to do it immediately after you've completed your workout. The longer you delay longer, the more damage the extensions will suffer due to the oil and salt generated by sweat.

The residue influences retention, which causes the lash's binding to weaken. A small detail could mean that your eyelashes are falling off or remaining on for six to eight weeks!


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