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A renowned camping and kayaking review website, CampVec, is acquired by outdoor experts CampShores

Jul 7

According to statements made by CampShores published on APnews, a well-known online source for camping and kayaking advice, CampShores has bought, a reputable website that reviews camping and kayaking gear.

Camping fans now have easier access to scholarly reviews and guides on kayaking equipment, tools, and camping gear thanks to the combination of the two websites.

The information on CampShores is continuously updated to reflect the newest advancements in technology, fresh goods, and equipment. The guides offer useful information and are written in an easy-to-understand style. The reader can take action by getting safe, cost-effective camping, beach, and kayaking gear.

By combining CampShores and CampVec, the new company is able to offer specialised content in the areas of camping advise, tent reviews, canoeing advice, and kayak reviews. CampShores will be able to provide its readers with useful information for pleasurable and secure outdoor activities thanks to the combined resources of both businesses.

There are numerous options and pieces of equipment available for campers and kayakers, some of which may or may not be useful. Without asking the proper questions and receiving trustworthy answers, it is difficult to narrow down the options to the best product. For its readers, CampShores provides both. So that a potential customer can choose wisely, it compares brands and models and highlights their key qualities.

Because of the richness and variety of content offered, the "camping advice" area is regularly browsed. It discusses important and practical subjects including how to keep warm while camping, how to keep your skin healthy while outside, and what to bring.

"We're the CampShores, website crew," CampShores' Tom Smith remarked. Like you, we love to camp, and we've done a tonne of it around California and the rest of the US. On a beach, our dependable tent let us down, which is how our tale began. Since then, we have experimented with a variety of camp shelters (such as campervans, RVs, and even sleeping under the stars). We have also explored a number of camping grounds in our search for the holy grail of camping. We have now compiled our knowledge to be of use to you.

In essence, CampShores is a library created by and for campers. This manual (CampShores) will show us how to have the ideal camping adventures. We frequently experience equipment problems when we first start out. Today it might be our tent, tomorrow it might be the gears not working well.

We at CampShores can relate to what you're going through. The identical procedure was used by us. But right now, we're here to support you. Since our losses, we have researched camping goods, tents, and even campsites. At Camp Shore, we may not be scientists, but we have good taste. We also favour designs that are intriguing and practical. As a result, we are aware of what quality camping equipment implies. What's more, we frequently go camping. We therefore continue to learn in order to provide you with informative reviews and guides.

about the business:

The goal of CampShores is to enlighten its audience about the tools and equipment that are most suited to their needs for camping. People can plan for and enjoy camping with fewer headaches thanks to the suggestions and advice offered by seasoned campers. Currently, CampShores includes CampVec.