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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Jul 7

All walks of life can have problems with drug use. People experiment with recreational drugs for fun, to relax, or to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

But, drug addiction and abuse can not only be caused by illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine. Similar problems can be caused by prescription medications like painkillers, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills. Prescription painkillers are second only to marijuana in terms of drug abuse. More people die each day from taking too many powerful opioid painkillers than from gunshot wounds or traffic accidents. Opioid addiction can lead to heroin abuse.

Drug abuse and addiction occurs when drug use is turned into drug abuse.

Of course, drug use--either illegal or prescription--doesn't automatically lead to abuse. While some people can use prescription or recreational drugs with no side effects, others experience serious health problems and other negative side effects. There is no point at which drug addiction becomes serious.

Drug addiction is when you cannot stop. It should not be a threat to your health. It can cause financial, emotional, or other problems for you and your family members. Even if you are determined to quit, the urge to use and get drugs can consume your entire day.

There are two types of addiction: physical dependence and tolerance. Withdrawal symptoms can occur when you abruptly stop using a substance. Tolerance is when the effectiveness of a drug becomes less over time.

The type and frequency of drug addiction are less important than the amount or type of substance you use. It is more about the effects of drug use. You may have a problem with drug addiction if your drug use causes problems at work, school, or in your personal relationships.

You can learn more about drug addiction and how it develops if you are concerned about someone you love. This will help you to understand how to deal with it and how you can regain control over your life. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step in the journey to recovery .

This takes courage and strength. Although it can be overwhelming and frightening to face your problem without making excuses or minimizing the problem, recovery is possible. You can overcome your addiction and live a happy, drug-free lifestyle if you are willing to seek treatment.