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Jul 7

Mackler Associates St. Louis Tutoring has provided test preparation programs for the SAT/ACT in these difficult times. They offer both in-person and virtual options. Their programs will continue to be offered in both formats moving forward.


High school juniors would normally be preparing for their high school exams in any other year. But with the new coronavirus lurking in their backyards, they are now preparing for class work and homework. Instead of preparing for college they are focusing on the upcoming fall semester when they will take the ACT, SAT, and possibly APs.


This year was anything but ordinary. Although virtual learning has made great strides since its inception in the 90s there are still reasons to enroll in traditional brick and mortar schools. The ACT and SAT have seen a huge increase in test centers. Many test centers closed last spring due to low enrollment, while the remaining test centers do not always have enough rooms to accommodate all students.

The vaccines will begin to be distributed in January 2021. Most people will receive the vaccine by the summer. The college expects a return of normality for the fall 2021.

SAT and ACT testing will continue as usual through the summer 2021. Both SAT and ACT have done a better job of making test centers available and safe.


All of these achievements aside, few colleges have decided to extend test-optional status for an additional year. This means that juniors must plan to submit an ACT or SAT score.


Mackler Associates ACT/SAT Prep St. Louis encourages juniors to start planning for test preparation. Many of you might be unprepared and may not have taken a practice exam at school. It is best to get started with test preparation sooner than later.


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